I have always worked with traditional materials – canvas, paper, paint, ink, etc. The basis of the surface sets up limitations from the outset. I find those limitations beneficial. If it’s oil paint and other materials on canvas, the materials set parameters within which I work. Next, each group of works starts with a concept. Nothing is tabula rasa. But what happens in the act of producing, of creating, takes on a life of its own. I have never produced a piece of art that looked like what I thought I was going to make. I have worked intentionally with my left hand at times, being a right-handed person, often placing strokes and lines backwards to override the penmanship I learned in school as a boy. Each work within a group has its own self-generated identity. Yet they all work together as in a conversation. Ironically, at the point they are completed, I have no expectation as to what they ‘say’ and wait to hear from others with their reactions. It’s then that I see what the works might be fully about.

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P E Pinkman Jan 2022 art resume
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