Red Line

2016/2017, Plainfield, NJ, – Yosemite, CA

“The essence of theater is the need to create not merely signs but complete and compact images masking a reality that may consist in absence of being.”
Jean Genet

My works in the Red Line series speak aspects of my story through personal details that I both comprehend and cannot grasp. They bring up memories of some of the ways in which identity is stolen by individuals who choose their own perceived self-worth over the value of others. We see this in events all around us every day: Syria, Charleston and Chicago are some examples. Subsequently these memories are indicative of the many ways in which we try to absorb the impact of that theft on our own identity.

Bashar al-Assad
AP photo/Gurinder Osan
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Featured Work

Flower for Idlib

Paul Edward Pinkman
Oil, marker, charcoal, pen

Red Line: Syria, Charleston, Chicago

Paul Edward Pinkman
Oil, ink, marker, pencil

Related exhibitions and events:

Gallery 1978, Maplewood, NJ – April 2017

A group exhibition, entitled “Stolen Identities” featuring some of these works along with works by Susan Ahlstrom, Francesca Azzara, Orna Greenberg, Nancy Ori, Heidi Sussman and Gail Winbury

Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ – March 2019

Flower for Idlib was featured in a solo retrospection entitled, “Crossing Lines” covering 35 years of work created by Paul Edward Pinkman.


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