Paul Edward Pinkman


Solo exhibit at the Watchung Arts Center
March 2 to 30, 2019.
Artist’s reception, Sunday, March 3, 1 to 4 pm.

The first solo exhibition of the artist’s paintings, drawings and monotypes from 1984 until today. The works on exhibit feature Pinkman at his best, at times provocative, confrontational, vulnerable and whimsical.

About the artist

Pinkman’s technique uses oil paint with washes and solvents, his loose brushwork belying the focus required to complete each piece. He desires that the paint ‘looks like’ paint, translucent or opaque and immediate in its application. His works are conceptual in the truest sense of the word, the idea behind each work is important as its execution. The paintings in this exhibit illuminate his path, with works functioning as milestones along the way.

The latest work

“One of the greatest challenges as an artist is learning technique and then letting it go. I came to this slowly and have learned to let me hands guide my choices.” Click to watch Mr. Pinkman in the process of painting a new work, “Beauty and Beast.”

Paintings and Drawings

The paintings and drawings on display demonstrate both his evolving use of materials and methods and present a glimpse into his thoughts and feelings. The process is visible on the surface of the works.  They combine the formal elements of point, line and plane within the context of personal and public stories.

Art For Sale

All works in the exhibit are for sale. Please contact the artist to find out the pricing of the work and to arrange for a purchase.

The Grace of Perception


The strength of Mr. Pinkman’s visual ideas is the belief that … physical interactions of perception are an integral part of the process of viewing art.

- Philip F. Clark

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